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Our Company Profile


OPAŞ, founded in Istanbul in 1974, has since maintained a consistent trajectory of development and has become one of the leading Turkish automotive industry companies today.

DODUCO KG DR. E. Dürrwachter

In 1982, OPAŞ obtained a license (know-how) from the German company DODUCO KG DR. E. Dürrwachter and continued its production. Through this collaboration, OPAŞ became one of the most important ignition system manufacturers in global markets.

Merger with BERU A.G. and BorgWarner

The relationship with Doduco continued with mutual trust until 1996 when OPAŞ acquired the complete facility in Germany through an agreement to transfer production to Turkey. Subsequently, Doduco was acquired by BERU A.G., one of Germany's prominent companies, and as a result of the ongoing agreement, OPAŞ became a long-term supplier to BERU A.G. Following the merger of BERU A.G. with BorgWarner, OPAŞ became a supplier to BERU GmbH under the same terms.

Federal Mogul Aftermarket GmbH

Since 2013, OPAŞ has been a supplier for Federal Mogul Aftermarket GmbH. As a result of its unwavering commitment to quality since the beginning, our company has been certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate. OPAŞ continues its planned efforts in Total Quality Management.

Through another agreement, OPAŞ became a supplier for INTERMOTOR, a British company owned by American S.M.P (Standard Motor Products Europe Limited).

OPAŞ has expanded its domestic and international sales network, developing a new marketing and sales organization to meet timely demands in both the domestic and foreign markets. In the Turkish market, it successfully maintains its marketing and sales through various regional dealership systems. The major countries to which it exports include the UK, GERMANY, ITALY, ROMANIA, SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES (ARGENTINA, CHILE, BRAZIL, AND OTHERS), RUSSIA, IRAN, EGYPT, LEBANON, ALGERIA, THE TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS, SYRIA, JORDAN, IRAQ, AND NORTH AFRICAN COUNTRIES.

Since entering the Turkish automotive aftermarket industry in 1974, OPAŞ has become one of the leading companies in the sector. Continuing to enhance and maintain this strong position, OPAŞ will continue to have a significant impact in the future.


Our Mission

To provide high-value solutions to the automotive sector.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a company that offers quality and competitively priced solutions, keeping up with technology.

Our Strategy

To provide quality products to the aftermarket and OES (Original Equipment Supplier) with international quality standards.

Our Goal

To increase company and brand value, as well as market share, by producing and supplying quality products to the automotive sector.

Our Policies

Our Documents

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